Good News for Women’s Pay but You Still Gotta Fight

Times Are Changin’ Dept.

Good news for the fight against women’s pay discrimination comes from Israel where the High Court dramatically stood up for equality in a country where the wage gaps are bigger than in most western countries (The average for OECD countries is about 84 percent, with Germany at 78 percent and the United States at 77 percent).

For terrific review of American situation, see the American Association of University Women blog “We’re Still Fighting for Pay Equity.”

You got to fight for what’s your right and the Golden Rule in fighting is NEGOTIATE!!!

Here’s the details.  A female store employee sued because her wages were 35% lower than those of a male colleague doing the same work.  A lower court ruled for the store, saying this was not gender discrimination but a contractual negotiation issue.  In other words, the women didn’t ask for what they wanted (equal pay for equal work) so they didn’t get it.

The high court didn’t exactly negate the importance of contract negotiating but did say in legalese that “in certain cases it should be enough to prove the existence of a significant gap in wages for the employer to bear the burden” of meeting laws against gender discrimination.

Translation: it’s now a lot easier to prove discrimination.

“This is an historic ruling,” said attorney Orna Lin, representing the Israeli woman behind the case. “Today an employer will think twice before paying two different employees different wages for doing the same work.”


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